Filling pet Mink Chichi's pool

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Explosive Cow
Explosive Cow پیش 17 روز
Its so sad that people breed animals for their pelts and cause them to have genetic mutations. ( im pretty sure Chi Chi is deaf ) Its just distgusting and they give them small cages.N͟E͟V͟E͟R͟ buy real fur,buy faux fur products.
Jennifer DuBois
Jennifer DuBois پیش ماه
OMG! Total cuteness overload!!!
nyan cat
nyan cat پیش ماه
Is MINK your pet? (Pls answer) Edit: and btw AWWWWW
Puff Daddy Lungfish
Puff Daddy Lungfish پیش ماه
Cute...... and a perfect killing machine. It's estimated that just 50lbs heavier is all it would've taken for most mustelids to prevent man from evolving. They would've wiped our early ancestors out.
Leah Warner
Leah Warner پیش ماه
Let's get this channel to 2 mill!
Victoria پیش ماه
To add to other peoples comments, heartfelt thanks for what you do, seeing you and the love and happiness you give to your animals makes my day, it takes the pain away sometimes 💗💓💗
The Squishmallow Warlord
The Squishmallow Warlord پیش ماه
Chi Chi is so cute!!! I love it when animals swim!! 😁
Hayley Jones
Hayley Jones پیش ماه
Another naughty mink, lol
Thanh Ly and ryan
Thanh Ly and ryan پیش ماه
Courtney Lynn
Courtney Lynn پیش ماه
I think chichi wants a waterfall the way she kept going under the hose lol
bia raposinha fofinha
bia raposinha fofinha پیش ماه
I love animals, we are so cut and beautiful
Mary Whitfield
Mary Whitfield پیش ماه
Cute she is really loving that bath
Susan Currie
Susan Currie پیش ماه
Oh happy, busy, pretty mink! And a toy or three to stash too! What fun. So exciting! I’m not sure what’s more fun. Watching the busy minks play in the bathtub, or play outside in the water. I think watching them play in the bathtub and running around and in and out of the bathroom is the most fun!
burntpaws پیش ماه
I love how she moves in the water!!! So pretty
Melissa Martin
Melissa Martin پیش ماه
Kim پیش ماه
How Aboudan Precious!!!!!!!
Kim پیش ماه
Absolutely, auto correct
Theo H
Theo H پیش ماه
Aww Chichi is such a cutie
Lisa Hale
Lisa Hale پیش ماه
So cute how happy she was with everything.
Joy Tanezaki
Joy Tanezaki پیش ماه
Is that a ferret
George Robins
George Robins پیش ماه
Quick reminder to everyone that minks are in invasive species in many places and not to release them anywhere they don’t naturally live! They can throw off the natural balance of the local wildlife! Cute as hell video tho lol
Jerzey Kowboy
Jerzey Kowboy پیش ماه
Mikayla visits the police station... MIKAYLA: I want to report a sexual assault COP: Where did this incident take place? MIK: At my home COP: Describe what happened MIK: Well, I thought we were having some innocent fun. She got out of the pool and went right up my shorts! COP: Do you know the name of the perpetrator? MIK: Yes. Her name is Chichi COP: Last name? MIK: Mink COP: Chichi Mink. Can you describe Ms. Mink? MIK: She's about a foot long, has four legs and has a real weaselly look about her COP: What?? You're describing an actual MINK? MIK: Yes COP And this Chichi mink went up your shorts?? MIK: That's what I said COP: I'm placing you under arrest MIK: On what charge? COP: Lady, with a story like that, you've gotta be using illegal drugs!
Zrinx N
Zrinx N پیش ماه
So cute 💓
Mr. Scary The Terry
Mr. Scary The Terry پیش ماه
I think something is wrong with your cow
Trisha Downing
Trisha Downing پیش ماه
I have that blanket.
Smack Jabber
Smack Jabber پیش ماه
forbidden soup
AJM LMFAO پیش ماه
Nice setup!
just dev
just dev پیش ماه
I haaaaate Denmark. 65 million minks killed for fur in one year between China and Denmark alone. People are totally bonkers. They'd be bonkers even with one mink kill, but they're 65 million fold bonkers. Totally insane species. I hate humanity, so I really need to see this very infrequent other side of the coin.
41 Hi Jinx
41 Hi Jinx پیش ماه
Looks like a little otter!
Silver Manson
Silver Manson پیش ماه
Iv never seen that color of mink, gorgeous
Lord boss3
Lord boss3 پیش ماه
also tomorrow is birthday of dixie.
Alex Waring
Alex Waring پیش ماه
(Not being rude) is that how Minks pools are supposed to be made?
Yukii_heART پیش ماه
But your shorts are a tunnel 🥺 why wouldn’t you let me play were I wanted 🥺🥺
Lacko D
Lacko D پیش ماه
Chichi Its haveing fun in his pool
메롱여우 پیش ماه
for a second i thought this was some kind of chocolate making video because of the color
mrzzagvm پیش ماه
That pool looks like it needs to be washed
Helder Silva
Helder Silva پیش ماه
After watching a capybara chilling in a pool video, this is a frenetic little guy by comparison
sn1kzZe پیش ماه
Next time put the hose through the small holes in the fence instead of leaving the door slightly open!
A. Cheese
A. Cheese پیش ماه
Tricky creatures, minks.
Shane Rosser
Shane Rosser پیش ماه
Adorable Mink 👍
Magnet پیش ماه
....why not let him out so he can roam free?! 4:47
Oh, Alice
Oh, Alice پیش ماه
Awwww minks are like long water-cats
SarkBM پیش ماه
Do you know how big is your rescue farm? Because it looks huge
Keith Mesa
Keith Mesa پیش ماه
Chichi is best mink
Natasha B
Natasha B پیش ماه
chichi has the coolest house
Wayne Davis
Wayne Davis پیش ماه
Supa cute ahhh so cuddly
Hitman880 پیش ماه
What a cute little fella!
claire timmons
claire timmons پیش ماه
Hi have a great day 🌈🍓🦄🍩🍉🍭🍪🍩🐶 🦊🍒🌞🍭
[N1] Niszczyciel_241
[N1] Niszczyciel_241 پیش ماه
Mink is very cute and funny animal. It is very nice to look at.
artmenaz پیش ماه
Chichi what do you smell? Chichi: weakness.
Rose Marshall
Rose Marshall پیش ماه
Lovely chichi !
Cindy Dott
Cindy Dott پیش ماه
I loved when she kept rescuing her toys, and then hide them. LOL!
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat پیش ماه
Thank you so much for having a pool for Chichi. In psychology that is called an Enriched Environment! I love her/his cute little waddle when walking. I had no idea minks were quite so loveable.
Miriam Wright
Miriam Wright پیش ماه
I think it's interesting that the Minks look a lot like Ferrets.
catherine powers
catherine powers پیش ماه
She is such fun to watch!
Rosie پیش ماه
Betha Gyde
Betha Gyde پیش ماه
Ah, yes; the water noodle.
Brendan Hoffmann
Brendan Hoffmann پیش ماه
I love how one of her eyes looks bigger because of the black markings around it!
william blake
william blake پیش ماه
what a nice place to live
Shane Goodlad
Shane Goodlad پیش ماه
aaaaawwwwwwwwwww, Chichi is having so much fun.
Chatter Box
Chatter Box پیش ماه
I'm a big fan of your vids they are soo cute keep up the good work!
Varna Cat
Varna Cat پیش ماه
I love this Chichi girl 😻❤🐄🦦
Ūsη Âld̷αη3
Ūsη Âld̷αη3 پیش ماه
I want to go and visit that place and the animals
Kyler Wulff
Kyler Wulff پیش ماه
Chichi is so adorable going down the slide
Photo Not Available
Photo Not Available پیش ماه
Wow, so sweet. You take such good care of your animals. They are blessed.
Ash H
Ash H پیش ماه
"Nope not this toy..." Floop "Nope, this toy doesn't belong here either." Floop "Hooman, where is my tiny water fall? It worked a minute ago!" "*Gasp* SUPER HAPPY FUN SLIDE!!" 😂💜
Ash H
Ash H پیش ماه
@justinium77 Oh the floop thing was when she was doing those silly flopping rolls in her pool. And the Hooman is just a goofy play on the word human as if it was being said by the animal... Well actually that was basically the whole point of my comment, a silly anecdote from the minks perspective. And the tiny waterfall, I was referring to her hose because she kept playing with when it was being filled and she kept going back to it after it was turned off and she looked like she still wanted to play with on. 😁
justinium77 پیش ماه
Apologies, just trying to make head or tail of things. Floop & hooman - what are they?
thechariotcard پیش ماه
Does she have friends?
SaveAFox پیش ماه
If I gave her a friend she would kill it. She's cute but savage!
Katrina *
Katrina * پیش ماه
Chi chi is such a cutie I just love her!
Tomato پیش ماه
Jerzey Kowboy
Jerzey Kowboy پیش ماه
If I grabbed Chichi and took him home, would that be considered a mink stole?
AJ W پیش ماه
Well, if 'home' was a monastery in Manchester, it would be a Manc Mink Monk
Alb پیش ماه
If I come back as a Mink* in my next life, this is where I want to live! (* or fox, cat, coyote)
TheWaterDude پیش ماه
Bro I'm subbed and I had to look up the channel to find the vids. F youtube.
TN Tanto
TN Tanto پیش ماه
Minks are so frantically energetic, like they’ve had a bit too much caffeine. Love Chichi’s pink nose!
Lee Hunter
Lee Hunter پیش ماه
Forasec پیش ماه
sheer heaven
Sol Sunson
Sol Sunson پیش ماه
Save A Mink Today;!
NAK پیش ماه
Chichi's a sweet furry noodle.
Michelle Rae
Michelle Rae پیش ماه
Love the Mink videos, they’re so hyper!
aldofern پیش ماه
Such adorable animals
Tom Chase
Tom Chase پیش ماه
Thank you so much for what you do!!!!!!
Lyrical Travels
Lyrical Travels پیش ماه
The seven people that disliked this video couldn't handle the cuteness, and hit the wrong button by mistake cause they had a heart attack.
justinium77 پیش ماه
Nah, they just disliked the video
TheShaddowedSnow پیش ماه
I... I don't know why but I first read the title as "pelting mink chichi's pool" and for some reason it made sense to me
libbad پیش ماه
Minks are so cool. If I had the chance, I'd love one. :/
This adorable monster is friendly. 😍
Rushi پیش ماه
So sad animals in cages.
ms. pirate
ms. pirate پیش ماه
Awwww 💕
Scorpionstrike7 پیش ماه
Ah yes. The aquatic noodle.
Jeff istrucking
Jeff istrucking پیش ماه
Hahaha, Chichi is having so much fun , I think that was her attempt to push Mom in the pool! 😂❤❤💯✌
Kevin Saut
Kevin Saut پیش ماه
your voice is so cute when you say hi
Purple fluffy Bird UnU
Purple fluffy Bird UnU پیش ماه
Pickles Sandwich.
Pickles Sandwich. پیش ماه
I am Chichi @5:20 when the neighbors are bbq-ing.
MoJoHavok پیش ماه
Hahaha. We need more videos of this little guy
Travels With Secret Daisy & Buddy
Travels With Secret Daisy & Buddy پیش ماه
That is the cutest thing. Nobody is getting her toys. I think she needs some dry towels. 👍☮️🌞🐾
Bobby Brooks
Bobby Brooks پیش ماه
Glad you listened
Abigail Johnson
Abigail Johnson پیش ماه
hey Mikala (sorry i bad at spelling) theres a rumr going around that finnagen died from a seizere is this true?
SaveAFox پیش ماه
No he's alive and well
kiezer sosay
kiezer sosay پیش ماه
Minks are so cute too. I want every kind of animal i see on here. specially foxes! I want foxes really bad...
goblackcat پیش ماه
Chichi is adorable! She seems so happy in her pool!❤🧡💛💚💙💜
Megan M
Megan M پیش ماه
I never realized how deep that pool was!!!
Willow wolf x penny piggy I ship it
Willow wolf x penny piggy I ship it پیش ماه
Ok weird
heartbeatlovelifebeat پیش ماه
Such a sweetheart 🤗❤️
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