Jack, Luka, Nikita, Shadow, and Dixie get their Easter eggs 🥚 🥚 🥚 🥚

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zuhoor mubarak
zuhoor mubarak پیش 14 روز
Awww he got his egg stolen 😢 when he come back looking at you he's so cuteeee
๑•Šwëéť-Møøn•๑ پیش 19 روز
jack's face iss uhhhh soooo CUTEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!
Scott Charney
Scott Charney پیش ماه
Pan is not being a good boy. Anyway, Luka should live on the second floor. I hope somebody gets that reference.
Isy 7
Isy 7 پیش ماه
Really appreciate what she does! Such a kind and compassionate women..I was just wondering why the enclosures of the foxes are so different in their sizes. Is she sometimes "rotating" the foxes? Cause the main yard f.e. is really big...
vi vi
vi vi پیش ماه
Hi from Romania my chanel is paco
Tatiana Duda
Tatiana Duda پیش ماه
bia raposinha fofinha
bia raposinha fofinha پیش ماه
These eggs are cooked?
Leah Warner
Leah Warner پیش ماه
Awwwww so cuteeeee
Julia K TV
Julia K TV پیش ماه
Aww poor Jack
꧁lilstormyy AJPW꧂
꧁lilstormyy AJPW꧂ پیش ماه
Foxes are adorable. I wish I could be like this when I grow up.
NikitaMEO پیش ماه
Glad a fox shares my name 🦊
Yyy پیش ماه
Petition to rename Luka to Panda fox 🐼
Andrew Worland
Andrew Worland پیش ماه
Pat Early
Pat Early پیش ماه
Very beautiful! Thank you for sharing and God bless everyone and all his creatures during this happy Easter season
Savvy Savvy
Savvy Savvy پیش ماه
Kamia K Daniels
Kamia K Daniels پیش ماه
all foxes are a beautiful sight to see!
Gravey 27 ob
Gravey 27 ob پیش ماه
Did something happen to shadows ear or am I going crazy?
Bozica Bakovic
Bozica Bakovic پیش ماه
🐶 how cute is that they're getting Easter eggs🥚🥚🥚😊
Bright Future
Bright Future پیش ماه
Why dont you peel the eggs for them?
Everything ILA
Everything ILA پیش ماه
Michelle St
Michelle St پیش ماه
Foxes are CUT!😆
alaskanmal63 پیش ماه
Hope you had a Happy Easter
Łasuch پیش ماه
Shot a Fox 😉
XXShisui TeleportationXX
XXShisui TeleportationXX پیش ماه
Why was jack looking at the egg like they had history or something
Darth Plagueis
Darth Plagueis پیش ماه
I’ve seen videos of dogs and cats talking with buttons, I wonder if you could get finnigan or Dixie to learn how to talk with buttons...
Hannah Gascoyne
Hannah Gascoyne پیش ماه
I love artick foxes
DAREN ERIC پیش ماه
Is that a row egg
Cheryl Taylor
Cheryl Taylor پیش ماه
Is Shadow pregnant? She really looks at.
Aurorya پیش ماه
Shadow is just floofy, all the foxes here are fixed
Vicgamer 04
Vicgamer 04 پیش ماه
Thomas sonic and TUGS Productions
Thomas sonic and TUGS Productions پیش ماه
What I meant to say is I love your foxes 🦊❤️
Thomas sonic and TUGS Productions
Thomas sonic and TUGS Productions پیش ماه
do you have such nice foxes 🦊❤️
Jhon Harris
Jhon Harris پیش ماه
And save them
Jhon Harris
Jhon Harris پیش ماه
Are cute when iam older I want pet fox
Gypsy Jezebel
Gypsy Jezebel پیش ماه
The white foxes are so pretty! :)
Natasha B
Natasha B پیش ماه
Pan! Et tu, Brute? How could you?
F1scheR پیش ماه
Hmm... Nikita is actually a Russian name. Why you call fox like this?
Aurorya پیش ماه
Names are chosen by the main sponsors of the foxes, it's a reward for the money they give. What's wrong with this name ? I think it's beautiful. And Valentine and Sophie are French names, Pan is a Greek name, so why can't we give a fox a Russian name ?
Dušan پیش ماه
Why not?
Soonzuh پیش ماه
What do the four squares in the title mean?
Dušan پیش ماه
Egg emojis
S T پیش ماه
I love your voice From Japan 🇯🇵
Janette پیش ماه
Sylph OftheWildWoods
Sylph OftheWildWoods پیش ماه
Aww so sweet Mikayla ❣️ I hope you found something special for Jack.
Big Boy
Big Boy پیش ماه
Is Jack an Artic Fox?
Dušan پیش ماه
Jack is a Red Fox, but i don't know how his color variation is called
cat lady
cat lady پیش ماه
Poor Jack.Egg was stolen.
Harold Vechina
Harold Vechina پیش ماه
Darn robbers!
Nickeaules پیش ماه
Hit the road Jack
ohgary پیش ماه
Is the first egg for some of these guys? They didn’t seem to know it is food?
Lunkis پیش ماه
They are so cute..
Kadi Willoughby
Kadi Willoughby پیش ماه
Do the foxes eat the shell?
Travels With Secret Daisy & Buddy
Travels With Secret Daisy & Buddy پیش ماه
So sweet! Everyone got an egg 🥚. 👍☮️🌞🦊
Jay Rappa
Jay Rappa پیش ماه
look at the fluffy white foxes. Like wolf cubs!
Oliver Malina
Oliver Malina پیش ماه
Happy eastern to all at saveafox and all the beautiful Foxes 🤗😇. We love you all.
CT-4859 Polski
CT-4859 Polski پیش ماه
They look adorable
ZzvirtualizerzZ پیش ماه
Jajajajaja The egg :c
Just a Karen discovered the internet
Just a Karen discovered the internet پیش ماه
what heathens would dislike a video like this....miserable cucks
Sr. Nubizinho
Sr. Nubizinho پیش ماه
raposas podres
Cinnamon Kelly
Cinnamon Kelly پیش ماه
I love the sound luka made when he grabbed the egg xD *yalp grabs egg*
SnowblindOtter پیش ماه
Easter has got to be one of these foxes favorite days of the year.
Stan Webb
Stan Webb پیش ماه
Why in the shell???
Katey Henderson
Katey Henderson پیش ماه
I feel like I’ve made this comment before but foxes always look like they’re flying or floating instead of running. It’s awesome to see
Splendor man
Splendor man پیش ماه
Awwwwww so adorable ❤️❤️❤️ I love foxes and wolf's. 🐺🦊
Daniel Dunning
Daniel Dunning پیش ماه
Jack prottec egg, egg might hatch! Oh it got stolen :(
Harry پیش ماه
Kapitan پیش ماه
Can they eat raw eggs? That would be so cool to watch.
N Taylo
N Taylo پیش ماه
Pan knows no boundaries.
Shannon Marie
Shannon Marie پیش ماه
Mikayla is just beautiful inside and out, thanks for what you do to help all these little sweethearts. 💜🤎💙💚
Fox Frags
Fox Frags پیش ماه
We all know the favorite child is Finnegan
Brian Aguilar
Brian Aguilar پیش ماه
This is egg-citing!
Stef Miller
Stef Miller پیش ماه
Nikita looks so different than the other foxes. Smooth and sleek and thinner.
Necessity4fun پیش 29 روز
That's because Nikita is a Grey Fox! All of the others I believe are Red Fox color variations, so they're different species! >3
Bad Gamer Kat
Bad Gamer Kat پیش ماه
They are all so gorgeous!
Nevaeh Steinback
Nevaeh Steinback پیش ماه
Nevaeh Steinback
Nevaeh Steinback پیش ماه
Soooo cute
Saleh Hassan
Saleh Hassan پیش ماه
I know it’s Easter but where is Finnegan
Fox Man
Fox Man پیش ماه
I like an subscribe 🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊
Annika R
Annika R پیش ماه
Last year, I showed my Dad the video where you handed out eggs to the foxes in a basket. It seems like just a few months ago. This year I cannot share the video with him. 😢
Sylph OftheWildWoods
Sylph OftheWildWoods پیش ماه
@rashka aA Deepest sympathy.
Sylph OftheWildWoods
Sylph OftheWildWoods پیش ماه
@Annika R I'm so sorry for your loss 😢
rashka aA
rashka aA پیش ماه
Same thing my dad died too:")
josierainford پیش ماه
i have never seen a white fox with black ears and eyes, so cute, they all are beautiful 🥰😍
Pet Cactus
Pet Cactus پیش ماه
Jack was disappointed. He wanted Eggs Benedict.
SkyKrasher پیش ماه
I love DixieDo she’s basically what people visualize whenever they think of a fox
Cafeman پیش ماه
The foxes don't seem to know what to do with the shelled egg? I'd like to see how they crack it open and eat the soft part.
《Motoshi&Kayota》 پیش ماه
Cant we just admit that all the foxes are so cute !! Happy Easter everyone :) (ik I'm late lol)
El Sucio Federali
El Sucio Federali پیش ماه
Jack learns a life lesson
Dylan James Chang
Dylan James Chang پیش ماه
I love that pan is with jack and luca now. Finally happy again and now makes sounds :]
Grace N
Grace N پیش ماه
True, he now wags his tail more and make those happy noises ❤
Adrik M.
Adrik M. پیش ماه
did dimika get one?
Claire Robinson
Claire Robinson پیش ماه
Thank you for this Easter video. What an uplifting message of happiness seeing the foxes celebrating the coming of spring. Thank you for sharing all these beautiful fluffy foxes with their Easter egg treats.
Jonathan Becker
Jonathan Becker پیش ماه
Stealing eggs is part of the fox's cultural DNA. It's almost like chicken eggs are specifically sized by nature to fit their mouths. I love that Muttias is an egg fiend.
Friendly Daria
Friendly Daria پیش ماه
Omg Dixie-do is my fav and in this vid she turned out sooooo cute 🥰
Silvia Lanzini
Silvia Lanzini پیش ماه
Sei stupenda michela🙌😉
Kate Electric
Kate Electric پیش ماه
If you think foxes are pests, and just want to shoot em, you will want them as a pet, and love them after watching this🦊❤
Doggy vlogs 8148
Doggy vlogs 8148 پیش ماه
ive been subscribed to you scence 4 subscribers
Jacqueline S
Jacqueline S پیش ماه
Are foxws part car family?
Samuel Casiano
Samuel Casiano پیش ماه
Lol as soon as the other fox wanted it jack got it
libbad پیش ماه
It's funny. Most animals love hard boiled eggs. My dog used to love them.
Carol M
Carol M پیش ماه
Defi living up to the word Sly!
Taylor To
Taylor To پیش ماه
The fox 🦊 would eat Egg 🥚?????
Pesmog پیش ماه
Was there a reason Nikita had its egg without the shell on?
Syndo7 Steil-Ng
Syndo7 Steil-Ng پیش ماه
Why u can’t put a cross on each fox place
CS975 L
CS975 L پیش ماه
Happy Easter to all the Foxes 🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🌷🌷🌷😊😌💜♥️💕
XIN WAN پیش ماه
Happy Easter to everyone in the world!
COOL ADAM پیش ماه
the foxes are so lovly
COOL ADAM پیش ماه
Ow I love foxes but ı am scaring to be near a fox
_samurai kiritanpo
_samurai kiritanpo پیش ماه
1:20 poorJack..😢 I hope he got an alternative!
Aboalabd Alnogaedan
Aboalabd Alnogaedan پیش ماه
There is a type of foxes that are small, the size of a cat, and have large ears. Do you have an example?
Big Boy
Big Boy پیش ماه
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